3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Rome


On October 24th - 25th, the BEQUEL consortium met in Rome to discuss their progress on the project aims and the next steps they need to take as they enter the final stage of the project.

The meeting was hosted by CIOFS-FP and held in a hybrid format, with participants joining both in-person as well as remotely from Spain and Slovakia. The first part of the discussions centred around the online benchmarking tool, which is being translated into all local languages and is currently in the final stages of implementation and testing.

A significant part of the meeting was furthermore dedicated to further developing the online badge campaign and the good practice award, which will be given to VET institutions who are highly innovative in their quality assurance mechanisms for e-learning.

The consortium also looked ahead to the multiplier events which will be organised at national and European level to promote the online benchmarking tool and which will highlight best practices in quality assurance for e-learning in VET across the partner countries.