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To create an overview of the current state of knowledge and practice in the quality assurance of e-learning in schools and VET organisations, we examined the available electronic resources and grouped them according to Infographic, and organised them into two closely related groups:

The model of the Quality Assurance Framework is located in an external supportive environment that explicitly recognises quality as the value of work and enables the educational institution's institution's objectives to be achieved. The external environment must provide support and advice at the national level for continuous improvement.

The Bequel consortium is happy to announce that the Online Benchmarking Tool for Quality Assurance in E-Learning Provision of Vocational Education and Training has been launched. This benchmarking tool allows VET providers to compare their e-learning quality assurance practices quickly and effectively to those of other institutions across the EU....

On October 24th - 25th, the BEQUEL consortium met in Rome to discuss their progress on the project aims and the next steps they need to take as they enter the final stage of the project.

The second Transnational Project Meeting of partners took place in Bilbao-Derio on 25-26 May 2022 and was organised by TXORIERRI. The benchmarking methodology and the benchmarking questionnaire were discussed. Partners agreed on the technical implementation of the English version and testing on the Bequal platform. Q-Impulz presented the video...