Intellectual Output 1

Benchmarking methodology and tools, where partners based on the state of play will develop a quality assurance framework for eLearning practices for VET schools and organisations, the benchmarking methodology, and the self-assessment questionnaire for VET providers.

IO1/A1 State of Play

IO1/A2 Quality Assurance Framework

IO1/A3 Benchmarking methodology

IO1/A4, A5 Benchmarking questionnaire

IO1/A6 Benchmarking questionnaire translated

Intellectual Output 2

Online tools will be launched and partners will collect and analyse data, while VET providers will participate in a community of practice concentrated on e-learning practices and quality in eLearning and videos will be created for the promotion of virtual and online learning in VET after the COVID-19 crisis.

IO2/B1 Technical implementation of English version and integration

IO2/B2 Internal testing of English version

IO2/B3 Development of national versions

IO2/B4 Internal testing of national versions

IO2/B5 Collection of benchmarking data

IO2/B6  Launching of the online benchmarking tools

IO2/B7 Development of videos

Benchmarking results


Benchmarking badge